You can zip across South Dakota on Interstate 90. You can zip up and down South Dakota on Interstate 29.

But why would you want to? Take your time, get off the 'beaten path' and enjoy all that our great state has to offer.

But ok, speaking of Interstate Highways, just how many miles do you suppose are inside the borders of the Mt. Rushmore state?

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Well, turns out Interstate 90 runs 412.8 miles, while its 'little brother', Interstate 29, clocks in at 252.5 miles. So if my math is correct (and that's not guaranteed), that would be something over 665 miles.

I'm thinkin' we must rank somewhere near the most in the country since we are a pretty good-sized state.

Alas, unsurprisingly I'm wrong again.

According to the Federal Highway Administration Website, we're not even close. The most interstate highway miles in a state? Head south to the Lone Star state. Texas tops the list with over 3,200 miles worth. California and Illinois aren't too far behind.

But we are part of the longest Interstate Highway. That, of course, would be I-90 which stretches over 3,000 miles from Boston to Seattle. And one other thing that makes good 'ol South Dakota unique: We have one of only four State Capitals that are not directly served by an Interstate Highway.

And I don't think Pierre will be moving south anytime soon.

So sure, go ahead and utilize the Interstates in South Dakota, but do yourself a favor. Every now and then pull off, stop in one of our many fine small towns, do a little visiting, have a cup of coffee or a perfectly chilled cold drink, and take a breath before heading out and putting the pedal to the metal.

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