I need to get something off my chest.  Have you noticed that as traffic increases in and around Sioux Falls, we're seeing more and more people trying to turn into traffic without the benefit of a stop light?  As traffic moves right, some idiot is trying to go left.  HELLOYou're backing up traffic!  That's what traffic signals are for.  If you want to turn the opposite direction, drive the extra block or two and get to a stop light.

Every once in a while you'll find some gentle sole who will offer up enough space for you to slip by, but then you have to hope there's enough of an opening for you to slide into traffic going the opposite direction - which usually there isn't.  So there you sit, backing up traffic.  And then you have the gall to give me that disgusted look.

I don't mean to come off as some old complaining curmudgeon, but as we get closer to the holiday shopping season, I think it's an issue that needs to be addressed.  This isn't Mayberry anymore folks.  You can't expect everyone else to just let you squeeze into traffic whenever - and wherever - you feel like it.

If it sounds as though I've given this topic way to much thought, you're right, I probably have.  I'm one of those personalities that lets little things like this fester to the point where I want to wrap my car in bubble wrap and go out and teach all the dumb drivers a lesson they'll not soon forget.

Road rage?  Maybe.  Given the fact I drive a baby car (Hyundai Tucson) I realize I wouldn't stand a chance against some of these big SUVs you see on the road today.  Plus, I'm old - and I bruise easily.

Wow - I'm feeling a whole lot better.  Who knew venting over the Internet could be so therapeutic.  Plus, you just saved me a boat load of money.  Do you have any idea what therapists charge these days?

Speaking of which, gotta go.  I have an appointment with my counselor.

Written by Chad McKenzie/KSOO  (good stuff Chad!)


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