The year was 1980.  Women were expressing themselves by big, curly and heavily styled hairstyles and make-up that was bright and heavy.   Shoulder pads, sequins and ripped sweatshirts were must-haves in the fashion world.  Men were supporting mustaches, thanks to the popularity of Magnum, P.I. and cutting their hair to more of a shoulder-length style.  Gone were the long, flowing locks from the 70's!

Popular TV shows included 'Bosom Buddies', That's Incredible!', 'Galactica 1980' and 'Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters'.  Turn on the radio and you could hear Kenny Rogers singing 'Coward Of The County',  Willie Nelson's 'My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys', and 'Lookin' For Love' from Johnny Lee.

It was also on this day, March 31, 1980, that the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline first reached the $1.00 mark in the United States.  The average price that year was $1.19 per gallon.

Granted, 1980 gasoline prices will probably never happen again.  But the good news is that today's trends are showing that prices of gasoline are falling.  Again....for today anyway.  The average gas price in South Dakota for March 31, 2014 is $3.48.  Nationally, the average is $3.54.  One week ago, South Dakota's gas prices were averaging $3.53 and one year ago, the South Dakota average gas price was $3.54.  Here's where you can find the lowest and highest gas prices in South Dakota. 

I guess I could go back to wearing my 'Flashdance' sweatshirt and tease my hair just so I could fill my car's tiny tank for under $15!