You have to love some of the little toys we have nowadays. Apps on a smartphone that will help you find the constellations in the sky to important, things you should know, like right now, from where you are sitting, how far is it to Wall Drug?

Well, are we there yet?  I just checked with Alexa, (which you can listen to this fine radio station at any time) how far is to Wall Drug from where I am sitting right now. She quickly chortled; 275.2 miles.

Having grown up in the quiet little 'interstate town of Kennebec, South Dakota we talked about 'how far's' all the time. From a corner in one of our fields, you are half-way from Sioux Falls or Rapid City. I was also familiar with the interstate signs that said, how far is it to Wall Drug, and whether or not you have 'Dug Wall Drug.' If you are a 'child of the 70's' like myself, you probably think of signs, as far as Vietnam that said, how many miles is it to Wall Drug.

So, how far is it for you? Ask Alexa, or your Google Home Mini or google it on your phone and share it with us. Who knows, if I get lucky they'll share this story with their Twitter and Facebook followers. By the way, tell us in the Facebook or Twitter comments!

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