So you've posted a cool pic on Facebook. Maybe you included a witty caption or an insightful meme. Then some of your fun friends type some comments that you'd like to read.

So you click on comments. Then Facebook shows you the “Most Relevant” comments. Say what? How does Facebook know which comments are most “relevant” ... to me? How does Mark Zuckerberg and his henchman know exactly what I want to read or don't want to read?

The Book of Faces makes me pick from three choices before I can see everyone's comments. Well, they are surely putting a lot of time into this. So which do I want? “Most Relevant”, “Newest”, or “All Comments”?

“Most Relevant” shows friends, and non-friends I guess, most engaging comments first. So if your comment wasn't good enough to make this cut you should really quit being lazy and try harder. The Big Z should add a pop-up that tells you that what you typed isn't good enough and stop being such a loser?

Then there is “Newest”. So if you pick this one you'll be able to see the latest comments first, even if they are crappy and suck.

And of course, you have your final choice “All Comments”. This will finally show you everything. It will even include “Potential Spam”. But why? Hey Facebook ... how about you just block all the spam!?

If you have the time to look into my inner psyche and deduce what I should deem most relevant, how bout ya just refocus your efforts and toss out the freekin' spam!? Then I'll just read everyone's comments and I can decide which of my friends are creative and thoughtful and which one's are dicks!? How about that!?

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