The definition of 'Snobby' is condescending, patronizing, or socially exclusive. You know when someone basically thinks they are better than someone else.

So do you think folks consider South Dakota a 'Snobby' state? recently ranked all states and came up with a list of which ones may be perceived as the Snobbiest States.

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When calculating the list they figured in the Percent of population with a bachelor’s degree, the Percent of degree earners with a degree in arts and humanities, the Number of Ivy League colleges, and the Gallons of wine consumed yearly.

I don't know how fair or scientific this was.  But here are some of the rankings of's "Snobbiest States":

1.  Massachusetts.
2.  Vermont.
3.  Connecticut.
4.  New York.
5.  New Hampshire.
6.  Rhode Island.
7.  California.
8.  Oregon.
9.  Maine.
10.  Virginia.
15. Minnesota
37. North Dakota
43. Iowa
45. South Dakota
50. West Virginia

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