If you're like me, you love visiting the small towns around South Dakota. Maybe it's because I was raised on a small farm by a small town, but I've always loved the smaller communities. I guess maybe I feel more at home there.

Now, you couple that with my love for history of all kinds, and I'm the guy in the car that's driving slow (maybe too slow) through the small towns. I like to, ah, look around!

With all that being said, let's take a quick trip to Garretson. Now, while many people may know Garretson as the place by Palisades Park or perhaps at the town by Devil's Gulch where the James Gang made their famous 'jump', be sure and don't miss the town itself!

Turns out Garretson was almost smack dab in the middle of Palisades Park and instead of visiting Garreston, you'd be visiting the town of Palisades! But the town was moved some....and why? Well, a familiar reason back there in them 'old days'.

The railroad.

The railroad company decided to build a 'diversion point' and switching yards where Garretson is now located. And like so many other communities, it that's where the railroad was, that's where the town was.

And why the name of 'Garretson'. Well, that was railroad-related, too.  After all, A.S. Garretson from Sioux City, Iowa was a millionaire railroad investor.

Oh, and there's plenty more you'll find interesting about this small town, one of my favorite places in South Dakota.

Check out the fascinating history of Garretson and when you visit this great South Dakota community, make sure your arm is loosened up...you'll be returning a lot of friendly waves!