Spam is a popular canned meat product made of pork shoulder and ham. Spam is manufactured by Hormel based in Austin, Minnesota.

Hormel has announced that they are recalling approximately 228,000 pounds of canned pork and chicken products that may contain pieces of metal.

The canned meat products were produced from February 8 through February 10, 2018. Here is a list of the recalled items:

  • 12-oz. metal cans containing “SPAM Classic” with a “Best By” February 2021 date and production codes: F020881, F020882, F020883, F020884, F020885, F020886, F020887, F020888 and F020889. These products were shipped throughout the United States.
  • 12-oz. metal cans containing “Hormel Foods Black-Label Luncheon Loaf” with a “Best By” February 2021 date and production codes F02098 and F02108. These products were shipped to Guam only.

Look on the bottome of the can for "EST> 199n". These Spam items were shipped throughout the United State and Guam.

If you have questions about the recall you can contact Hormel Foods at 800-523-4635.

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