Dating can be tough.  For every 10 dates, you might find one candidate worthy of a callback and that's under the best circumstances.

In South Dakota, it might be tough to even find 10 qualified dates, to begin with.

If this is your experience, then it's most likely a geographic issue and not anything you're necessarily doing wrong.

According to WalletHub's new study of the Best & Worst States for Singles, South Dakota ranks number 40.

We rank number 2 for 'dating economics', but we are almost dead last in 'dating opportunities' at 49.  Only North Dakota was worse.

So what is the best state to find love?  Florida.  Must be all that sunshine.

And the worst?  West Virginia.

Minnesota at number 16 is the best in the Midwest.

The rest of the Midwest:

  • Iowa - 25
  • Montana - 33
  • Nebraska - 35
  • Wyoming - 46
  • North Dakota - 48

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