The eerie resonance of Honey County's new song "Ghost Town" echoes the empty-hearted love story the two women tell. The song — co-written with Kalie Shorr – finds Dani Rose and new member Sofie Lynn harmonizing effortlessly while trading lead vocals.

Listen to "Ghost Town" during this exclusive premiere on Taste of Country. Far away tones carve out a moody arrangement for the two women to showcase their storytelling skills. "We used to be technicolor full of wonder / We were so alive / But they'd never know that now / Because I'm in a ghost town," they sing at the chorus.

Honey County recall dreaming up the idea of the song while cruising Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.

"Shop walls were boarded up, boutiques were empty and there was this eerie feeling of being left behind," the duo share. "When we brought the concept into our write with Kalie, we took it a step further pulling from our own experiences and relating the 'Ghost Town' to a once-thriving relationship that had been abandoned."

"Ghost Town" is one of two new songs Honey County are releasing on Thursday, the other being "Cry Wolf." Listen as the new music showcases the new vocalist while surging toward a final chorus that ties familiar heart-hurt with modern times.

"We even pulled in a memory we all experienced from a Titanic exhibit we had seen together in Vegas earlier this year, pre-pandemic," the group add. "Full bottles of champagne found at the bottom of the ocean, perfectly preserved in a wooden case."

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