As some people would say, Tuesday is "Taco Tuesday!"  But if you don't feel like making your own taco, Vinyl Taco has you covered.

Vinyl Taco originated in North Dakota.  South Dakota welcomed Vinyl Taco's first location in Sioux Falls this past January.  This isn't your ordinary taco joint.  Fans of classic rock will appreciate the scene and vibe of the restaurant.

To start, the menus tie the environment together.  Classic vinyl record covers grace the backs of the menus, like Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, and more.  More likely than not, a song from each of the "record menus" will play throughout Vinyl Taco.  I'm still looking for a U2 album!

Credit: Christine Manika/Results Radio

Street tacos, burritos, and chimichangas are some food items on the menu.  Probably one of my favorite things to eat at Vinyl Taco is a Fiesta Bowl.  You can eat the bowl with chicken or steak mixed with rice, cheese, corn, and beans.  Think of it like a bowl from a fast food taco establishment, only better. There are also drink specials throughout the week, like $2 off jumbo margaritas on Fridays and themed parties every third Thursday of the month.

Credit: Christine Manika/Results Radio

Vinyl Taco is a great place for lunch and dinner.  But the Vinyl Social Club is turning into a Sioux Falls hot spot for a night on the town.

The social club is where you can play video games, beer pong, bowl, jumbo Jenga, and hang out with friends.  You can still order drinks at the club along with appetizers and selected food items.

Vinyl Taco is a restaurant and bar for people 21 and over.  This establishment makes turning 21 worth the wait in Sioux Falls!  The food is great and the music is even better! You're going to rock and roll all night...and party every day!

Source: Vinyl Taco