Well, I guess it was my time, my turn. I have the dreaded winter cold. No, not temperature cold, we all have that. I mean the dastardly runny nose, itchy throat, achy muscle (Yes, i have at least one muscle) cold.

And of course, the sneezing. We've all heard that, for cryin' out loud...don't be sneezing on everything! Don't be spreading your nasty germs on me...or anything and everything you touch.

So, close that nose and mouth when that sneeze is creeping up. Except, don't. Oh, cover up, for sure. But don't close everything up.

I saw a story where a 34 year old man was trying to do the right thing, keep those cold germs inside when he sneezed. Two fingers against the nose to close that up, and kept his mouth shut. And then he sneezed, and whamo!

He ruptured the back of his throat. Seriously. He was left barely able to speak or swallow after suffering what is called 'perforation of the pharynx'.

Apparently Ear, Nose and Throat specialists in England say trying to contain the force that is a sneeze can lead to 'numerous complications'.

So I guess the best advise is cover...but don't close. And while the people I work with might think it would be a blessing, I'd just as soon not lose my voice.

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