We don't know if it's a he, or a she, but we do know it was one lucky cat. Here's a quick story about a feline that decided to make a ride from Watertown to Sioux Falls, under the hood of a Honda Pilot.

I was talking with one of the service advisors at Verne Eide Honda in Sioux Falls earlier today and Rob mentioned that they had a cat hitching a ride from Watertown to Sioux Falls Thursday morning.

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That's about all they know, the cat was either wigged pet that took the harrowing ride down I-29 or is a wild or 'feral cat. Rob mentioned that the lady who unknowingly supplied the ride had noticed a stray in her garage this morning and thought she had shooed it away. The cat evidently decided to go right through security and hopped up in a cat-hauling compartment of a Honda Pilot for the ride to Sioux Falls.

I was wondering what happened, so I called Falls Animal Control. I spoke with Supervisor Patty Beckman and she said;

The cat hasn't been found yet. It was most likely agitatined from the ride or perhaps a feral or wild cat that was just looking for a warm spot or something to eat. We put a lived  trap out at the dealership. After the crew goes home for the day, we'll be able to catch it. From there we'll determine if it's feral, or if it's colorard or chipped hopefully make a call to the rightful owner. If it dosent' have an owner and isn't feral, we'll put it on a three day hold at the shelter.

Beckman also told me it happens more than you think. They've found everything from cats to raccoons.

How about you? Have you ever found a feline hitchhiker on one of your trips? One thing is for sure. If this cat doesn't have a name, we could all agree it's used up one of its lives and should be called, 'Lucky!'

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Sidenote. Thanks to Dave Roberts for supplying the photo. Turns out his cat likes to sprawl out on its back in the craziest places. Our way of saying, no cats were harmed in the making/taking of the photo of this cat. haha.

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