Friday and Saturday are usually everyone’s favorite days of the week.  But knowing that there is something NEW to put on your shelves on Tuesdays could change your mind!  Add something new to your collection!  Find out what’s out there on the shelves this week on this New Stuff Tuesday.

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    Rascal Flatts - Rewind

    Rascal Flatts, the Ohio group that features Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney are excited to release their ninth album filled with songs that are considered fun, little revenge tunes, ballads, catchy and captivating.  The album has 13 tracks and four bonus tracks if purchased at Target. The track list looks like this:

    01. Payback
    02. Rewind
    03. I Have Never Been To Memphis
    04. DJ Tonight
    05. Powerful Stuff
    06. Riot
    07. Night Of Our Lives
    08. I Like The Sound Of That
    09. Aftermath
    10. I’m On Fire
    11. Life’s A Song
    12. Honeysuckle Lazy
    13. The Mechanic

    Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

    14. “Compass”
    15. “Wildfire”
    16. “She Must Like Broken Hearts”
    17. “Bring The Family”

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    Dolly Parton - Blue Smoke

    Dolly Parton is releasing her 42nd studio album. The 12-song CD features a duet with Kenny Rogers ("You Can't Make Old Friends"), which was originally released on Rogers' 2013 album of the same name. She wrote seven of the songs.

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    I, Frankenstein

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    That Awkward Moment

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