This historic 1888 South Dakota Barbershop is remodeled and ready for you to move in and make your home. You'll have to provide your own barber pole, shampoo, and scissors.

Not long after Wild Bill Hickock was shot and Sheriff Seth Bullock was running drunk cowboys off the streets folks from Deadwood may have wandered 14 miles down the road to the Barber Shop in Whitewood, South Dakota.

Wild Bill Hickock Getty Thinkstock
Wild Bill Hickock Getty Thinkstock

A plaque on the historic building reads, “The Barber Shop building was originally built in Crook City, one mile to the south of Whitewood, and was moved to Whitewood on log rollers after the railroad came in 1887. Over the years, several different well-know barbers occupied the building.

Historic 1888 South Dakota Barber Shop Now A $240K Home For Sale

Before South Dakota became a state in 1889 folks were getting haircuts in this Barber Shop building just northwest of Sturgis.

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