Kids say and do the darnedest things! This drawing was posted on Reddit. The person shared it with the drawing's caption stating “My Dog Is Going To Git His Balls Cut Off Today”.

Kids often don't interpret what a parent says in the way a parent means for them to get it. I mean, if you've had kids you've tried to explain to them that “Fido has to go to the Doctor today to get fixed. You he feels all better" without telling them that Fido ain't gonna like this all.

Apparently, this kid's parents were a little more colorful in their explanation of what was going on with the puppies' trip to the Vet.

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Some of the comments were quite humorous. Some were skeptical of who was really the artist behind the pic. Check out these comments...

100thusername: The smile with the dead black eyes makes it even funnier.

Chakan2: Had a vasectomy, can confirm, the nurses smile.

Metamorphis: During Work Week in 10th grade I was at a vet clinic. They were neutering a cat. She smiled. They all smile. Psychos.

KawaiiSlave: A one-armed nurse at that!

Mmetonoia: Looks like the "niece" has been watching reruns of Marcus Welby

Absentminded: Looks like the "niece" has been watching reruns of Marcus Welby MD.

But then some of the Reddit comments turned skeptical. They pointed out that they think it's a drawing made by an adult trying to make it look like a kid's drawing. Some of those comments induced:

hi_im_sefron: Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't buy this. Children's drawings are just too easy to fake.

Ihmsitoo: Also, a few of the letters are almost perfect, suggesting muscle memory when he was trying to fake them (my guess).

Scepticalbob: This is definitely not drawn by a young child.
The artist traced the cross on he nurses hat to highlight that it is a cross. No child would do that.

Shenaniganz08: The cone is the most clear example that this is fake

What do you think? Is it REAL or FAKE?

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