When my family and I moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota back in 1993 we rented a house on Point Drive. As I look back there were a couple of things about the location that stood out.  We liked living on the east side of Sioux Falls and it seemed like we were about as high up in the city as we could get and I've always loved water towers. Turns out, we were living right across the street from the highest point in Sioux Falls.

It wasn't till a few years after we moved that I found out the area is indeed the highest point in the city. When we first moved to the neighborhood, it looked a little different. There was a water tower just across the street behind the tree in the picture. That small grassy area was where I remember playing catch with my son Jacob. The water tower was later removed, and a house built in its place.

A couple of other things stood out in my mind, mostly the Hilltop area in Sioux Falls is a nice, proud neighborhood. People take nice care of their homes and are friendly as they come.

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