It's beginning to look a 'lot like aggravated neighbors.' Christmas is coming and some of the ambitious city dwellers already have their outdoor Christmas lights up. Some of them have even turned them on?

So, on what side of the fence do you reside? Are yours already up? Are they still in the tubs or are they already up and on. 

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I'm not here to judge. I kind of like to see them when I'm out for a walk with the dog. And if you're the sort who shy away from ascending up a ladder to 'hang em high, I'm ok with that too.

Over the years, we've subscribed to the up before Thanksgiving and light them up as the guests for the big feed leave. This year, we were a bit more aggressive. A guy named Nate from the American Lighting Company did the work for us. He climbed up and billy-goated those beauties in place from the roof. Some people are just born with no equilibrium or fear. He's one of them.

JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls
JD Collins

It's a grind. Find the tub, pull them out, straighten them out, and if your lucky replace a bulb or seven and hang em up.

So how early is too early? I say if the leaves are down, let 'er rip. Soon we'll be talking about awesome displays around town and loading up the minivan for a trip to see that house that you could see from outer space! Christmas time is almost here. Let's get that place looking like you are excited about it!

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