On Saturday in College Football, we got two very disturbing images that just can't happen again.

The first incident came in the North Carolina State and Clemson game in which Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson ran into North Carolina State assistant coach Des Kitchings and then its seen that Kitchings shoves Watson back.

Clearly, the video shows that Watson ran into Kitchings accidentally as he was run out of bounds and the action by Kitchings was one of egregious nature purely out of emotion and anger.

It just can't happen and strict discipline needs to be enforce by the NC State coaching staff and it needs to be immediate.

It was reported that Kitchings did apologize to Clemson and their staff after the game.

The second incident occurred during the Temple and Notre Dame game and this incident actually happened between two coaches on the same staff.

Video shows Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly running over to strength and conditioning coach David Grimes and grabbing him super aggressively by the shirt and shoving him backwards.

Kelly after the game stated that his actions were in the name of avoiding a sideline penalty.

Well I'm sorry Coach Kelly, but what you did crossed the line.  You don't handle situations like that on national television in which you are supposed to be the sideline leader.

You looked like a drunk dude in a bar confronting the guy who tried to hit on your girl.  You need to be better than that.  Those circumstances come up all the time where assistants are baiting the officials and we don't see it handled with that aggressive nature.

If the individual institutions don't step up and enforce discipline, then the NCAA needs to do something, because coaches need to keep their hands to themselves!

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