Some people think politics has gone to the dogs.

Well, in one community it certainly has. And to the cats, goats and chickens, too!

The newly elected mayor of Omena, Michigan is a cat. That's right, a cat named Sweet Tart. Imagine walking around your town, tipping your hat, and saying 'Good Morning Mayor Sweet Tart'.

But hold on, that's not all.

The Vice Mayor and Second Vice Mayor are...get ready for it...dogs! Yep, Diablo Shapiro and Punkin Anderson are pooches and hold those offices. Meanwhile, Harley the Goat is the new Press Secretary and Penny the Chicken has been elected to Special Assistant for, ahem, Fowl Affairs.

No word on if they're all Courthouse trained.

So has this city of Omena, Michigan gone totally ker-fluey?

Not really. The 'election' was a fundraiser for the local Historical Society. Each vote cost $1.00 and this town, with about 300 human residents, raised more than $7,000 in the election.

Which leads me to think that maybe some 'out-of-town' residents may have sneaked into the voting booths. And thats a good thing!

And yes, they held an inauguration and parade. The newly elected officers will serve three-tear terms (Hopefully).

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