I have good news and good news.

First, the tech industry is booming. Second, I won't be competing with you for that entry level job. Not only don't I have the skills to do the job, I can't even decipher what most of the words and letters mean!

But thankfully, you do. And wow, is it a great time to get into the tech field.

An article at CNBC reports that the tech industry is adding new positions at almost 400% above other fields. And not only are there lots of jobs to be had, these aren't minimum wage positions. And apparently you don't need a lot of experience because they're saying these are 'entry level' jobs.

So what are they?

Some of the job titles include 'QA Analyst', 'UI/UX Designer', 'DevOps Engineer', and 'Data Scientist'. And the pay? They quoting from $70,000 to $113,000 a year.

Not a bad 'entry level' salary. But you better get out there and get applying. I have Grandkids that'll be scoopin' up those jobs before long.

Check out the entire article here and good luck!

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