In South Dakota, we have a wide variety of weather conditions and accompanying warnings.

We have everything from tornado warnings in the summer, to blizzard warnings in the winter.  We definitely have some of the most diverse weather in the country.

Or so I thought.

Over the last few days, temperatures have been 'cold' in Miami.  Of course, cold for them is like a crisp early spring morning for us.

Temps fell all the way down into the 30s and 40s, oh the horror!

However, this causes a problem for cold-blooded animals like Iguanas.  In fact, the National Weather Service in Miami tweeted that folks should be on the outlook for Iguanas falling out of trees.

The tweet says that the Iguanas may fall from trees, but they aren't dead.  They will gradually mobilize with the warmth of the morning sun and rising temperatures.

The NWS tweeted that falling Iguanas 'isn't something we usually forecast', but what else are they going to forecast now that they are out of hurricane season?

I suppose South Dakota equivalent of cold Iguanas falling from trees is a cold hunter falling out of a tree stand.

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