With everything that's going on right now who knows what this Christmas season is going to be like.

So here's a little holiday cheer that might give you something to look forward to in 2020.

Costco is bringing back their Wine Advent Calendars.

You can countdown 24 days till Christmas with 24 bottles of wine! These are not full-sized bottles of wine. They are 375 milliliters or 12.7 ounces each.

The Wine Advent Calendars don't seem to be available here in Sioux Falls yet but should hit the shelves in the first part of October. The price is said to be around $99 for each of the 24 half-bottle cases.

At Wine Advent-Ure you can see a full list of the Advent wines with a little youtube video describing each one of the wines from around the world.

Wine Advent-Ure points out to Please Note: This year’s calendar will be in most Costco stores the first week of October 2020. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to provide in-store dates by store nor the ability to direct consumers to locations that still have inventory available. Please contact your local Costco store for more information. The product is only available in Costco stores and is not available for purchase online.

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