Here's one I've never heard of before. An Indiana woman received a $350 hotel charge on her credit card because she wrote a negative review of the place online. She's also been threatened with legal action.

Katrina Arthur claims when she and her husband stayed at the Abbey Inn and Suites in March of 2016 it was dirty, had bad water pressure and smelled like sewage.

"We started checking the sheets in the bed and we found hairs and dirt."

So when the hotel asked her for an online review - she didn't hold back. But what she didn't realize is that the Abbey Inn had a policy in place that allowed them to charge customers $350 for negative online reviews.

Since word got out about the $350 "bad review charge," the Indiana Attorney General's office is now suing the hotel company for not properly informing its guests of the bad reviews charge.

Source: ABC Radio News

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