How many albums have been released in the history of Country Music?

Countless, certainly thousands and thousands.  So it's not easy trying to pare them down to my Top Ten.

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But if I could only have 10 albums to listen to over and over and over, well these 10 would do fine for me.  Take a look, see what you think, tell me how great I did.  I'm sure these are the exact 10 you would choose too, right?

Gee, did you notice I pretty much "got into" country music in the 1970s? And 1975 was "my year" for country? Yep, at a spry 20 years old, I was all about Waylon and Willie and Kris and Johnny. So when the Highwaymen came along years later, I was ecstatic.

Favorites are all about era's I suppose, and these albums are from mine. Do yourself a favor...head on over to Youtube and check out some of these songs, these albums. Who Knows? You might just become a big fan yourself.

As for me, these ten albums are the best. Rotating these ten 24/7 would be more than OK.

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