You're all set. You're out of school and ready to hit the job market. You've got everything you need. Dedication, great work ethic, all the tools. Well, almost all the tools. You are missing one thing.


And of course, the only way to get that 'experience' is by getting that first job. It's tough, but maybe not as tough as it used to be.

According to the Wall Street Journal, many employers are eliminating that one phrase that smacked you in the face over and over...'Experienced required' and replaced it with 'No experience necessary'.

Why the change?

Employers are dropping preferences for college degrees and specific skill sets to speed up hiring and broaden the pool of candidates for that one or two or three positions.

According to one staffing agency, candidates have so many options, if a company has too many hoops to jump through, they'll just head on down the street and someone else will make them an offer.

So while hunting for a job may not be something you look forward to, hitting the pavement and looking for that dream job may be getting just a bit easier.

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