Ah yes, home ownership. It comes with it's rewards, but it also comes with it's pains in the butt. This morning it was our clothes washers wish to stand up and leave the building. It does not take long to listen when the washing machine starts talking. It's been murmering and we've been listening. If you listen closely, you can hear a lonely trumpeter playing taps out near the Harmondon Ball Park.

Actually our washing machine has been making noise and practically walking across the laundry room floor. So last week my wife called and had the guy from Graham Tire on Minnesota Avenue come and take a look. I know what your thinking. You bought your washing machine from a tire store? Is that right. Correct.

Actually we were pleased with the deal we got on the washing machine and more than pleased with the service. Ken is the guy. Ken gets it. Ken cares. Old school cares about the work he does, so we went back.

After about 90 minutes of trouble shooting Friday morning we decided to step back ten yards and punt and buy a new machine. Ken suggested a particular model and that' the one we got.

Why am I writing this? Because most of the stuff you see on the internet isn't always what it seems. I could have put a picture of us on the beach on vacation, but the reality of our reality today is we're scrambling trying to put a new washing machine in the basement and trying to have it make sense in the bank account as well.

Here's to New Years. And new washing machines. How about you? Have any unexpected expenses pop up recently? They usually have a good story, if your's is good or not so good, share it with me. You can reach me via email at jdcollins@kikn.com!


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