Valentines Day 2021 could be a little different this year. If you are looking to create a romantic socially distant Valentine's Day meal with your Luvnugget or your whole family, this might be just the ticket. Costco Heart-Shaped Pasta.

Costco has brought back their NUVO Italian Four Cheese Chef Crafted ravioli in cute red and white heart shapes. It's a blend of creamy ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and aged asiago cheeses. In Sioux Falls you can find them back by in the coolers by the rotisserie chicken and designer cheeses. A 40-ounce container will run you $8.79.

Costco Heart-Shaped Pasta
Costco Heart-Shaped Pasta-Ben Davis

Over on Instagram Costco_doesitagain, there is a bit of excitement about finding the NUVO Heart-Shaped pasta:

  • Jill.lbaker: I love when the Heat Raviolies come out for Valentine's Day
  • Tiffanyfrates: Don't know where a Costco is near us but omg!
  • Smallshopper21: I've been looking for these every time I go!!
  • mmcontreras44: We may need to pick a pack of this for our dinner!

Here's a great idea for the carbo-loading romantic...Cook up some Heart-Shaped Ravioli with your favorite sauce, compliment it off with a box of Costco Heart-Shaped Vanilla & Raspberry Macarons (you can find these a few isles away), while you finish off a bottle of your preferred bottle of vino (you know where to find that).

You'll impress your sweetie with your thoughtful cooking prowess and you're into the whole meal for under $50.00...without tip. Plus you can wear your stretchy pants.

Costco Heart-Shaped Vanilla & Raspberry Macarons
Costco Heart-Shaped Vanilla & Raspberry Macarons-Ben Davis
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