In advance of the release of his new album, You Should Be Here, on May 6, Cole Swindell has been letting fans hear some of the project's tracks, including his new song with Dierks Bentley, "Flatliner," and, now, a tune called "Stars." Swindell has shared a simple music video for the song, featuring the artist singing in a perfectly lit nighttime setting.

"You wish on 'em / Party underneath 'em / Way out there where it's easy to see 'em / Stars," Swindell sings to begin "Stars." "Yeah, if they line up / Tonight you're gonna / Thank your lucky ones for shining down on ya / Stars."

Throughout the song, the lyrics play on the different meanings of the word "stars." In the chorus, Swindell sings, "She hopped in your truck / Sang along with the one on the radio / Big red one going down / Felt like one in a small town ... Gave you that look / They were in her eyes / She couldn't hide 'em / By the end of the night / You were falling just like / Stars."

According to a tweet from Swindell, Ben Hayslip and Chase McGill are the writers behind "Stars." The Georgia native had a hand in writing many of the song on his upcoming sophomore album, but Swindell also had help from Old Dominion's Brad Tursi, whom Swindell says penned two songs, as well as Cole Taylor, Michael Carter, Brandon Kinney and others.

“Ashley Gorley was the big one; he is one of my favorite writers anyway,” Swindell tells The Boot. “But I did get to record outside songs because, having a little bit of success, people will start sending you their best stuff.”

You Should Be Here is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

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