I'm not sure how I missed the announcement in early January that two new, limited-edition, Oreo flavors were hitting the stores. But they did and now I'm hoping they're not sold out yet. There are certain flavor combos that instantly make me happy and caramel-coconut is one, chocolate-marshmallow is another.

These are the two new flavors available now (depending on where and how you shop). A search for both kinds at Target, indicated they were still available in-store and online, so I'm feeling hopeful that I'll still have a chance to try them before they're gone.

But that being said I don't want to have my expectations set too high. Oreos have deeply disappointed me before (the Pumpkin Spice and Watermelon flavors pushed me into gag-inducing territory) and I'm sure they will again as they continue down the road of flavor creation.

When I think caramel-coconut flavor, I, of course, think of the delicious Samoas/Caramel Delights cookies from the Girl Scouts. So if the new Oreos come anywhere close to mimicking that flavor, they might be worth the price.

I guess I'll find out tomorrow after work. I'm much too lazy to get off the couch today, to find out.

Source: Refinery 29

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