It's a cold winter night and you're trying to stay warm on your couch wrapped up in an old afghan while trying to surf Facebook, but your afghan keeps getting in the way. If only there were a product that could keep you toasty warm while allowing you to freely use your hands to click the remote control or text your bestie. There is! While watching a late night episode of "Three's Company" a TV commercial boasts the convenience of a super-soft fleece blanket with holes for your arms.

The Snuggie is the perfect product, and a great deal. They're "buy-one-get-one-free!" Are you dreaming? You call the 800 number to order the crazy-good offer. But, wait a minute, this is confusing. You'll get the second Snuggie free and all you have to do is pay processing and handling charges on your "free" Snuggie. The prompts on the call aren't clear and you end up getting more Snuggies than you ordered.

You're not the only one who wasn't happy with their "as-seen-on-TV" purchase.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the direct marking company, Allstar Marketing Group sold products that included Snuggies, the Magic Mesh Door, Cat's Meow, Roto Punch, Perfect Tortilla, and Forever Comfy. The FTC charged that Allstar used deceptive "buy-one-get-one-free" promotions and were imposed a monetary judgement of $7.5 million.

As alleged in the FTC’s complaint, consumers who called Allstar were often immediately instructed to enter their personal and billing information, and were charged for at least one “set” of products, based on the “buy-one-get-one-free” offer, before they had a chance to indicate how many products they wanted to buy. Because the sales pitch was often confusing, some consumers purchased more “sets” than they actually wanted.

You can read the court document from the case. The FTC will be mailing 218,254 refund checks to people who bought the "as-seen-on-TV" products marketed by Allstar Marketing Group, LLC. Each check will average $33.14 and will be mailed this month.

If you think you may have bought one of these products from this company and would like a refund, you can call 1-877-982-1294.


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