It was 15 years ago today (6/27) the Do Not Call Registry was created. So why am I still getting annoying phone calls that I don't want? I was under the impression that the do-not-call-list was supposed to stop me from getting calls that I didn't want.

The National Do Not Call Registry officially opened June 27, 2003 giving consumers, in theory, the opportunity to stop getting unwanted calls from telemarketers. Since then, however, robocalls and scammers have figured out a way to get around it.

The problem is, according to a spokesperson with the National Better Business Bureau, the registry really only works when "callers abide." Scammers don't care about a do not call list. They're going to ignore it every single time.

The government has tried several times to crack down on robocalls, but with very little success. Safety experts say the best way not to get calls you don't want - don't answer your phone. If you do accidentally pick up the phone and take their call, just hang up.

To enter your phone number(s) into the Do Not Call Registry, or to register unwanted calls that you may have received, just go to the Federal Trade Commission website.

Source: Federal Trade Commission

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