The word spreads fast among trick-or-treaters about which houses have the best candy to collect from.

There are always a couple houses you would want to hit up first before they ran out of the good stuff.

When trick or treating we always went to the houses that gave out full sized candy bars, they had the longest lines at their front door.

Another hectic house to get into for trick-or-treating, was a house that handed out big glow sticks every year.

My mom always made us go to one older ladies house who gave us dimes and a banana.

This Halloween you might see some houses with teal painted pumpkins on the porch.

The meaning behind the teal pumpkins are more than just creative Halloween decor.

Some of the homes sporting the teal pumpkins are doing it as an indicator that the house offers food-free items to hand out.

For parents that have kids with food allergies this will be a great gesture for kids to still enjoy the holiday.

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