It seems like yesterday that we met Hailey Steele for the first time.  I remember meeting Hailey with her family at Lewis Drug at 41st and Minnesota.  They were standing in line to buy tickets to see Faith Hill at an upcoming Sioux Empire Fair Concert later that coming summer.  I wish I had a picture of Hailey back then.

I was there doing call in's back to the radio station trying to stir up some excitement for the concert when this guy comes up to me and says, "hey, my daughter sings a Faith Hill song, do you want to hear her"?  I said sure.  We were 'live' on the air when she starts singing, 'Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me". Here she was, this tiny little thing with a Pippy Longstocking wool cap on singing in front of about 50 people standing in line waiting to buy tickets.  When she finished people were clapping.  That's how I met Hailey.

Since then Hailey has grown up and moved to Nashville to pursue her dream.  Last year she was one of the contestants on "The Voice" where she met up with Nicole and Raelynn.  Hailey called up today with an update on the big night of a song she co-wrote with her friends last year.

It's pretty amazing how people cross paths.  They met, they wrote a song and RaeLynn was on The Voice last night performing her new song that was just released.

Hailey said she's been pretty busy. Flying back to Nashville this afternoon where she'll meet up with her brother who's flying to town for a brief stay.  One of the highlights this week will be opening for Scotty McCreary in Alabama.

Hailey went on to say she's working on writing music for an upcoming album.  We asked when we might expect to hear and she said,

I really don't want to put any pressure on myself by assigning a particular date.  I don't really work that well under a deadline so I'm just taking it as it comes.

We asked Hailey to stop by the studios while she's home.  She's not only a talented Country Music Singer and Writer, she would also make a great morning radio personality.