I was talking to a friend of mine today. He works in a Sioux Falls gun store. For obvious reasons, I was curious about how brisk business was on Saturday.

"It went through the roof," he said and pointed his finger up and poked the roof of his truck.

I talked to another friend who works in a different gun store.

"How was Saturday?" I asked.

"Dude, it was bananas! Democrats are great at selling guns," he said.

Of course, the party on the left is not literally selling guns, but whenever there is a democrat in the White House, or about to enter the White House, the fear of what is to come fuels the fire of panic buying.

Already there are several stories from around the country of people in various places like Pennsylvania and Vermont are all running out to "get it while I can" as many would say.

Combine an election year with a global pandemic and months of civil unrest and you have a formula for an all-time high in gun sales.

2020 has already broken the record for firearm background checks with the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System. In 2016, another election year, 15.7 million background checks were conducted. With a little less than two months to go in the year, there have been 17.2 million background checks done in 2020. The holiday season is a time that always gives a boost to the industry as well.

2020 has also been a year when many people who didn't previously own guns have decided that now is the time to start, including people whose political leanings are decidedly left of center and were not voting for Trump.

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