A Minnesota motorcyclist was pulled over doing 144 mph in a 65 zone. You'll never guess what he gave as an excuse for why he was going at this extreme speed.

On Tuesday afternoon an Olmsted County deputy recorded a man on a motorcycle doing 144 miles per hour.

The Pine Island speeder was just outside of Rochester, Minnesota when he was spotted weaving through traffic at an excessive speed.

Pine Island, Minnesota-Google Maps
Pine Island, Minnesota-Google Maps

That's when 22-year-old Noah Doherty of Pine Island was pulled over and he made things even worse.

According to Y105 ... “The deputy pulled up next to the motorcyclist, got out of his vehicle, and told him to turn off the engine.

When the motorcyclist began revving the motor, the deputy put his hand on the man’s shoulder and told him again to stop the engine.

The motorcycle suddenly lurched forward and the deputy’s arm hit his squad car. At the same time, the motorcyclist lost his balance and fell over.

The motorcyclist resisted when the deputy tried to take him into custody but a passerby helped the officer handcuff the man.”

As is always the case when someone is pulled over for speeding the officer will ask, “Why were you speeding”?

22-year-old Noah Doherty of Pine Island replied because “it was hot”.

I'm guessing Doherty will have plenty of time to cool off.

He was charged with Obstruct Legal Process Lawful Execution, Speed Exceed 65 mph Freeway, Driving After Revocation, and Reckless Driving. Ouch!

Olmsted County Adult Detention Center
Olmsted County Adult Detention Center

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