Trust me, living in South Dakota in the wintertime, you're gonna need a good laugh come February, and he's just the guy to give you one.

Grammy Award Winning standup comedian Lewis Black is coming back to the Sioux Empire early next year to perform his critically acclaimed “Lewis Black: Off The Rails” show at the Orpheum Theater.

Black's last appearance in the Sioux Falls area was back in September of 2019 when he performed a show at the Sioux City Orpheum Theater.

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Black, is the longest-running contributor to the "Daily Show" on Comedy Central and has a well-known reputation for being the king of the rant. Notorious for his trademark style of comedic yelling and finger-pointing to expose the absurdities of life, Black possesses a real gift for being able to make audiences laugh at all hypocrisy and insanity he sees in the world.

Throughout his career, Black has done well over 400 live-streaming shows called “The Rant is Due” at the end of each of his standup performances.

His Sioux Falls Orpheum Theater show is planned for Thursday night, (February 16). Tickets start at $39.50  and can be purchased at,, or by calling 605-367-6000.

According to Dakota News Now, special online-only presale tickets will be available to the public on Thursday and Friday (October 20-21) from 10 AM to 10 PM.

If you've seen a Lewis Black show before, you already know, that no one in the audience is safe from his rants. He has a history of delivering rants that have been written and submitted by the fans at his show. These various rants can be heard on Black's podcast called "Rant Cast."

In addition to being one of the funniest people on the planet, Black is known for having a very big heart, as demonstrated by his charitable involvement in organizations like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Rogosin Institute, and The 52nd Street Project.

Keep up with Lewis Black and find out more about his shows here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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