Following the release of his documentary honoring the lives of five fallen soldiers, Granger Smith is sharing the music video for its title song, "They Were There."

Smith uses the song as a way to pay tribute to the men and women who selflessly fight for freedom, noting how while we're here living our day to day lives, soldiers are overseas protecting our ability to do so.

"They were there, fightin' back on the front lines / Strappin' up their boots before the sunrise / Keepin' their mamas up all night in fear / Every day, every night, every moment we were here / They were there," he sings, as images of soldiers posing with their families, along with photos of them in combat, flash across the screen. Smith also includes stunning landscape shots from his walk in the desert when he made a trip to Iraq.

The song coincides with Smith's documentary They Were There: A Hero's Documentary, which he released on Nov. 30 via his YouTube channel. It chronicles the life stories of five soldiers killed in combat, told through their families and personal mementos. Serving as the producer on the project, learning about those veterans and getting to know their families left a lasting impact on the country singer.

"We tend to forget that there are sacrifices being made every day, and the purpose of this [documentary] for me is to try to live a life worthy of that sacrifice," Smith tells Taste of Country. "The end result of this, if it only means that five families feel better that their story is now retold, then that is a success for me."

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