Granger Smith is stepping it up with his fun new lyric video for "If The Boot Fits."

The lyric video closely follows the story that Smith tells in his song of wanting to find his "small-town Cinderella." As the name of the tune suggests, Prince Charming isn't searching for a girl that fits into a glass slipper but instead into a pair of boots. The video opens up with Smith's name loud and proud on the screen before the camera follows a girl -- our modern day country Cinderella -- and her boots into the cab of a pick-up truck for a night out on the town. Throughout the video, boots are seen hanging from the ceiling, two-stepping on a dance floor and of course on the feet of beautiful girls including the one that we first saw. The lyric video wraps up with a happy ending for our prince and Cinderella dancing with their boots on in the headlights of the man's truck before the screen fades to black.

“If the Boot Fits” is the second single from Smith’s album Remington, which was released on March 4. The project is his first with Wheelhouse Records, after years successfully growing his fan base and brand as an independent artist.

“If the Boot Fits” is available for download now on iTunes.