On Tuesday night Patty Dee and I had the honor of emceeing the 3rd Annual Taste of Home Cooking School show live at the Grand Falls Casino Resort Event Center.

We had an absolute blast working with the fun, organized, and professional staff at Grand Falls Casino.

Top culinary expert and master "Fun Guy" Guy Klinzing demonstrated new recipes, cool cooking equipment, and shared great kitchen tips along with music and fun while entertaining the sell-out crowd.

And don't get me started on "The Crowd".  They were marvelous!  Hundreds of people from all over the midwest got together to laugh, win lots of prizes, and expand their cooking knowledge.

To the great staff and crew at Grand Falls Casino, Guy Klinzing, and everyone that attended we can't thank you enough for the fun night out!  (Patty really needs to get out more...)

Checkout the this short video for a taste of the night's excitement.