Fans of Garth Brooks continue to wait for the release of new music from the country superstar.  Many loved the upbeat song 'People Loving People', but many Garth fans are anxiously waiting for a ballad from the country music giant that is as touching and heartfelt as 'The Dance'.  Well, this song just may be that ballad we are waiting for.

Recently, Garth made an appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' and performed his beautiful ballad, 'Mom',  that not only brought Ellen to tears, but many of the audience members as well.

Before Garth performs 'Mom', he explained just how important the song is to him.

This is a conversation that goes on between God and this unborn child that’s going down to Earth, and when God describes what a mom is, it just kills me.  I’m gonna try to get through this. Forgive me if I don’t…I’m a mama’s boy.
Garth goes on to say that 'The Dance' is his favorite song, but 'Mom' is quickly climbing to the top of his list, just because of the important message in the song.  'Mom' is not only gaining in popularity with Garth himself, but with radio and his fans, too.
If you haven't heard the song 'Mom' before, here's your chance.  But, you might need to grab a tissue or two.  As a Mom myself, I'm glad I did.