My friend Kansas Middletent is always taking positive actions for people.

If you opened up your garage after the long winter and realized you have some bikes you never use here is the perfect place to donate them.

From the original Facebook post:

Hello my Facebook Relatives.

I’m looking for compassionate and generous individuals and families to donate any used bikes, old bikes, broken down bikes, and parts for children here on my reservation.

I have a team of friends and family who are ready to repair bikes and distribute to those in need. Once we can get bikes we will try to host a community bike ride with everyone who received a bike.

Message me for pick ups, leads, or any ideas to help.

If you have bikes to donate text 605-222-4181 or email to arrange pick up.

I'm a fan of people who choose to share hope, healing, happiness and love.

Kansas Middletent is one of those people who constantly takes action to help other people.

I am encouraged by people who rewrite their own story, and then turn around to help others with their journey.

It really is a choice to decide what we will put back out in this world.

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