Sometimes you have to step away from work, to see and hear things that have either been missing or could be improved. I think I found one. While I was taking a few days off I noticed how easy it is to use a feature on our radio station app and our website and you and your organization could benefit from it.

Just go to our website, click events then scroll down to submit an event. It's totally easy to do, and it's totally free. By taking just a few minutes, you can make sure that your message goes on our websites, and on our airwaves as well. It's easy and fast. In many cases, your event will also be shared with all of our Results Radio stations as well. The next time you have an event or fundraiser in your town, make sure we know about it.

Think of the events that you have coming up. As you organize your calendar, remember to post your events and fundraisers to our website.

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