A worldwide pandemic can't slow down performers in Sioux Falls. They've gotten very resourceful in these unprecedented times.

Headlights Theater and The Goodnight Theatre Collective came together for an outdoor performance on the top of the CNA parking ramp downtown.

To attend, you had to RSVP ahead of time and then the day of the performance you are told the location of the show. Exciting, right?

It's called Headlights Theater because the people who RSVP for a parking spot turn their headlights on and that is the lighting for the show! Cool, right?

I also loved that after each number the cars would honk!

I can honestly say that I've never been to a performance quite like it. There was a live band, live singers, and live dancers!

They did a great job of using the whole space so there really wasn't a bad seat in the house, I mean parking ramp.

Headlights Theater/Park & Art was co-founded by Madison Elliott and Madeleine Scott. They are both accomplished dancers in their respective styles. Madison is more lyrical/contemporary and Madeleine is ballet!

The Goodnight Theatre Collective has done cabarets and various live performances in Sioux Falls for the last four years. Bob Wendland, Rachael Andersen, Betsy Gorham, and Wade Gemar lent their voices for the evening.

Other guest performers included, but are not limited to Jordan Boyd (whom you may recognize as my Dancing With the Sioux Falls Stars partner), Amy Morrison, Matt Morrison, Eric Miller, George Gongopoulos, and Marjorie Garry.

If you're bummed that you missed this performance, don't worry. There is one more outdoor performance before the weather turns. 'Sun Daze' will take place on October 23rd. Check out parkandart.com or follow @headlights_theater on Instagram to stay in the know.

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