The last Bonanza in South Dakota closed earlier than expected on Wednesday (March 8). The restaurant was going to close on Sunday (March 11), but due to "lack of proper staffing and a franchise agreement," they closed early. The Yankton, South Dakota restaurant has decided not to renew its franchise agreement. Last week, my friend and I traveled to Bonanza to have our last Bonanza meal. There are still other locations around the United States and Puerto Rico, but it's not likely we'll ever visit those.

We arrived shortly before 6:00 PM and the line was from the cash register to the door and it stayed like that the entire time we were there. People were getting their last taste of pea salad and chocolate fluff. Unfortunately, they ran out of chocolate fluff and I wasn't able to indulge. They did have my favorite soup - potato soup with dumplings. I'm going to miss that soup.

Karla Brown/Townsquare Media

While we were dining, one of the owners was walking table to table, clearing dishes, and asking how our meal was. Even though the restaurant is closing, they still care enough to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Karla Brown/Townsquare Media

The restaurant has been in Yankton for 40 years. No word on what will take its place.

Karla Brown/Townsquare Media

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