This year's theme for 'Alien Abduction Day' (aka 'Extraterrestrial Abductions Day') "Remember to celebrate responsibly - and don't get carried away."

This is the one day each year dedicated to people who either want to be abducted or expect to be abducted by an alien life form.

As for how to celebrate, you're to read a story or watch a movie about UFOs and Extraterrestrials - and keep out-of-sight.

Many point to the city of Toronto, Canada as being the source for Alien Abduction Day. Thanks, Canada.

In 2008, the Toronto toy company Happy Worker hosted an Alien Abduction Festival on March 20. Since then, the holiday has been celebrated the same day every year..

However, the folks at Happy Worker refuse to take credit for creating the holiday. They claim it existed well before 2008 - why and by whom, no one knows for sure.

Nonetheless, 'Alien Abduction Day' is the one day each year when we're all suppose to "keep one eye on the sky and be ready to duck, dodge and to hide."

Perhaps the most famous alien abduction involved Betty and Barney Hill of New Hampshire. The couple claimed they were abducted by aliens in September 1961.

While driving home after a trip to Montreal, they claim to have see lights flashing in the sky and shortly after that were abducted in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

If you would like to learn more, the University of New Hampshire houses all the Betty and Barney Hill papers surrounding the incident - before, during and after.

Barney died in 1969, but Betty lived until 2004 and became a UFO researcher. Their story was told in the 1975 TV movie The UFO Incident starring James Earl Jones.

Whether you believe in UFOs and Aliens or not, that's your business. All I know is 'Alien Abduction Day' makes for a GREAT joke.

Do you know why overweight people are rarely abducted by Aliens? Because it's too hard to suck them out of their cars.

Happy Alien Abduction Day everyone!

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