It was an exciting week in Sioux Falls thanks to the annual Sanford International Open. The Sioux Empire welcomed PGA Tour Champions players and their caddies to one of the biggest sporting events in Sioux Falls.

Some parties happened on and off the golf course. One celebration occurred last Tuesday night at a Sioux Falls bar where over 40 caddies decided to have a "pool party." Little did the caddies know there were a couple of surprises in store for them that evening.

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One of the Tour Caddies, Troy Martin posted a few photos from the party on his Twitter page. Judging from these photos, it appears as though the location of this party could have been at the 18th Amendment on 41st Street next to Costco. Not only did the caddies play endless games of pool, but also three-time Major Champion Padraig Harrington joined the party. Oh...and Padraig decided to pick up the bar tab for the over 40 caddies in attendance at the 18th Amendment.

According to a story from Golf Week, Padraig Harrington heard about this gathering and just popped in. Troy Martin on his Twitter post tells golf fans that Padraig "dominated the pool table" before paying the bill for the caddies. Padraig was happy to be part of the fun!

With all the work and travel that Tour Caddies do, it is an absolutely awesome idea to take care of them every now and then!

Having recently turned 51 but still playing on the PGA Tour, Padraig Harrington is technically playing his first full year on the PGA Tour Champions. He has quickly taken to the tour, winning in St. Louis prior to playing in the Sanford International.

It just shows what a great community the golf world is!

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The money raised through Dining for Kids and the 2022 Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon stays in the Sioux Falls area.

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