Normally I'm not a big fan of books being made into movies; I usually leave the theater disappointed. But not in the case of 'The Shack.' I actually thought the movie was better.

And I wasn't the only one. My wife and daughter thought the same thing. In fact, we were hesitant to go to the movie for that very reason - that the movie would disappoint us.

Boy were we wrong. We all three left the theater with the same conclusion - that in this particular case, the movie was actually better than the book; and the book was wonderful.

I realize not everyone believes in God, but I would ask that you give the film a chance. I've never left a movie feeling so "hopeful" in my entire life - and I've seen a lot of movies.

There have been a number of "religious-themed" movies released over the past few years, but if you were to ask me, "The Shack" is hands-down the best of them all.

Since the movie has been out, I've noticed a number of people posting on social media that they plan to see the movie again. That tells me something.

It tells me the movie really does "hit home" for a lot of people. Personally, it made me think about religion and what really matters in life.

There are some churches recommending their members not see the movie. Mainly because God is a black woman, Jesus is Middle Eastern and the Holy Spirit is Oriental.

How one can think "God can only be white" is beyond me. I never have - and never will - buy into that sort of narrow-minded thinking.

In fact, one of the lines in the movie that made me laugh was when Jesus was asked about religion and his response was, "Church seems like a lot of work."

Whatever your beliefs, go see the movie, you won't regret it. Hopefully it'll impact you like it did me - that all that really matters in life is LOVE!!!

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