Being able to read plus understanding technology are building blocks on a foundation for achievement. A Sioux Falls group makes that their every day mission for adults.

REACH is an organization that promotes literacy which has been serving the area since 1986. Executive Director Paige Carda says their goal hasn’t changed over the years but upgrading their brand was necessary.

“We’ve been teaching adults how to read for about 30 years. We used to be Sioux Falls Area Literacy Council, but we changed our name about 4 years ago. One of the reasons we (changed) is that most of the folks weren’t finding us by that name on Google. REACH is an easier thing to find. It also looks more like a logo.”

Carda views REACH as an important bridge for those whose reading skills are lacking for various reasons.

“We still have a good percentage of people who maybe dropped out of school or graduated from high school but are still struggling. They want to get a secondary degree. They just can’t do it (alone). Just because you graduate doesn’t mean you are great at reading and writing. The school system really wants you to about a sixth-grade reader. That doesn’t mean that you are.”

As Sioux Falls has become more diverse, Carda believes about 60 to 70 percent of the people they help claim English as their second language. On Thursday (March 30) REACH is hosting Brewhaha their main fundraising event at the Museum of Visual Materials. More information can be found here.

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