What the hell is wrong is right! Some people are so deluded into believing that they need to do bizarre things in order to get noticed on social media.

Eva Louise or @avalouiise as she goes by on TikTok posted a video of herself licking an airplane bathroom toilet seat. She billed this stunt as the “Coronavirus Challenge”.

Keep in mind that as of Monday morning the Coronavirus COVID-19 has infected 169,387 people while it has killed 6,513 people worldwide.

This is not only stupid, but it's also blatantly irresponsible. We live in a time where kids will post videos of themselves eating Tide Pods on a challenge and tricking other kids into jumping in the air while they unsuspectingly kick their legs out from under them causing them to smash to the ground.

The real damage is being done in the name of getting 'likes' on a twitter post. Stupid is indeed as stupid does.

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